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Chad Update 9th Jan 2014


A news years resolution for us all is to keep you all updated more frequently, as were not actually that good at blogging!

So before Christmas, Chad unfortunately was found to have an infection in his Hickman line.  he had a 2 week course of antibiotics (including on xmas day).  During his clinic appointments and through daily blood tests-the bug had not shifted and the line would need to be removed.  Chad was excited that he would be able to go to Keech Cottage and swim, however, today we found out the line is actually now clear of infection, and  will not be removed-YAY!

Chads gutted because this means he wont be able to swim!

We had a fabulous Christmas at Alis with the family, and then Saw in what is going to be a POSITIVE 2014 at Nic and Chris’ annual NYE party!

Chad is getting on fabulously this year!  he is currently downstairs with his tutor and I THINK its maths they’re doing today.  He also saw the speech therapist this week who is also super impressed with Chads progress.  Walking is coming on leaps and bounds (just humour me)-and Chads even managing to dress himself in the morning, and wander around downstairs.  He has started showing interest in his PEG, and has been helping mum with his meds and feeds.

Chad a had a quick haircut on Tuesday, and also wants his blonde hair back.  We almost sure he will lose his hair again with the next cycle of chemo which starts 14th Jan so thats something that will have to wait!

The ‘revamp’ of C2 Teenage Room is due to start this year with the funds raised from Chads Charity Evening which was held in Oct 2012.  Ill get some pictures of that for you all when thats underway

This year we have the St.Albans Half Marathon coming up that a great big gang of us are walking (you can sign up online if you want to join us) and a big BBQ after.

Chads Charity Golf Day is 27th June-teams to be submitted by March so if you fancy getting a team together please contact one of us.  evening tickets can also be brought.

Nhance are also doing a CRAZY bike ride of 300km over 2 days in france to raise money for Chads Trust Fund (more info when Michelle the King knows).

Im sure we will be doing more cakey/coffee fundraisers, and ill keep you all updated with that too.  Please do let me know if you want to be involved with any of the above (jellybeaz@hotmail.com) or if you have a faaaaabuous idea.  Brandon and I are also toying again with wether to do another evening this year-WATCH THIS SPACE

Ill leave you with this gorgeous smile.  Lots of love, and a healthy and happy 2014 to everyone who has shown us kindness love and support in 2013,

Sharron, Tom, Tilly, Brandon and Chad xxxx

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Chad Update 5th Nov

Sorry we havent blogged for so long-mum forgot how to log in to the blog…im having to write instructions now!

Chad had his first lot of his second cycle of chemo-but they have decided to leave the last 2 off this time.  this is mostly due to how sicky Chad is when he is having chemo, and also they think that it may be having an affect on his muscle tone, and voice.

So whilst Chaddy has been feeling so well we’ve been able to leave the house, catch up with friends, Chad even went to Theatre school yesterday evening and stayed until 9pm with Jem-his partner in crime!

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Halloween Bake Off at Fushia Pink

Another BIG thank you this month to Dani Bavister, and all the lovely Ladies at Fushia Pink-and Aimee Jones for their Hallowe’en Bake off which raised £300!!!! believe me when i say the cakes were ‘super scrummy’ and Nanny Jessie had finished her cakes before she even left the shop!!!

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Chads Charity Evening-12th October 2013

Thank you to everyone who came out to David Lloyd in Hatfield on 12th October for Chads Charity Night.  We had a fantastic evening, with brilliant music from the band Black and Gold.

We had loads of raffle prizes, an aution,  and a brand new golf trolley up for grabs!  All the money we raised was to be split between CLIC Sargent, and C2 Ward at Addenbrookes Hospital (where Chad stays as an inpatient).  We managed to raise an amazing £10,000, as well as £2,500 for Chads Trust Fund from the autioning of a signed Gareth Bale Boot.  Thank you once again to everyone that made it to the evening-and to those who missed it, Chad Charity Golf Day is booked for 27th June 2014-see poster below for details.

Here are some pictures from the evening!

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Monday 1st October 2013

Hi guys

Hard to believe that this month will be 5 months since Chads diagnosis!

Chads 1st cycle of chemo has finished-3 weeks off now until it all starts again.  Blood levels have dropped, come back up, dropped again-and Chads having a blood transfusion tomorrow and im sure that will give him the pick-me-up he needs!

Chads been enjoying playing his Disney Infinity on the xbox recently.  hes been buying alot of new characters.  ”five more minutes Chad, then the xbox is going off” is now a common phrase.  Mums trying to limit him to a couple of hours a day-Chad pushes this as far as he can!

Last week was brilliant, raising lots of awareness for brain tumours, and limiting the diagnosis time-after all, this is what has benefited Chad, and paved the way for his treatment.  We have had lovely feedback from all over the UK, making some new friends along the way, meeting other families whose lives have been affected, sending our love and support to them, sharing stories, and all keeping determined to carrying on shouting about  the biggest childhood cancer killer in the UK.

All our lovely friends and family are supportive as ever, and taking it upon themselves to bake, collect and organise to raise as much money for charities as possible!

Chad has decided this week that the carities he wants to support are CLIC Sargent (who helped mum, Dad, and Chad at the start, and throughout), The Brain Tumour Charity (who are tirelessly researching with very very little funding) , Heatsmart, (who are trying to raise awareness of the importance of early diagnosis) and Brainbow (a new rehabilitation service for children with brain tumours at Addenbrookes).”

Chad and mum are baking cookies-im sure they will go down a treat with a hot chocolate later!

Love Tilly

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Tuesday 24th September

Last week was such a busy week! Not only had my potassium levels dropped and i was still being really sick with my chemo, but Tilly and i were also in the daily mail


The Metro


and also The Mirror!

All the tickets for the charity evening have sold out. Its going to be suck a good night and im hoping i manage to stay all night. or most of the night.

Debbie Reid also took the CLIC Sargent bucket to work with her and raised £185! Tilly has spoken to Dani and Dani is also going to do a halloween bake off!

I saw a few of my friends at the weekend when i went to Lilley and Charlottes house-we played jenga. Im also seeing me friend Eron on Thursday.
Today im off to Lister for my last session of Chemo in this cycle. And tomorrow were hopefully filming for Anglia News at Addenbrookes. All very exciting stuff!!!!

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First Week Of Chemo

Another busy week was had by us all.Monday we spent getting ready for chads first chemo which took place on tuesday.We packed an overnight bag popped to town to get last minute bits and bobs and had an early night as we had to get up early tuesday. we had to leave at 7.30-8am on tuesday but the day didnt get off to a good start as chad was really sick during the night and all morning. In the end we didnt leave home until 9am and arrived at addenbrookes at 10.45am, nearly an hour late! We went straight to the pdu where we sat around for quite a while,we played some games before chad was weighed. He had put on nearly a kilo so that was great then went into see the doctor.She was very impressed with his progress and word soon got around to other nurses and doctors who congratulated chad on his great progress.We were told the results of the m.r.i. scan from last week no sign of disease which is fantastic news, the gruelling radio therapy has done its job.We then had to wait till gone 3pm before chad was hooked up to the hydration and the chemo began.At 5pm we transferred onto the childrens ward (c2)

After 3 hours of hydration and one type of iv chemo he was then given a push of chemo through his hickman line followed by iv chemo which would run for 6 hrs,followed by 24 hrs of hydration .Chad fell asleep around 10pm.
Wednesday chad woke up quite sick and we soon realised we wouldnt be going home as the hydration wasnt going to finish until 11.30pm far too late to take him home. Auntie Julie came to visit and most of the day chad slept on and off as he was starting to feel quite ill.The nurses didnt put his evening feed up in the end as he was being too sick .Thursday morning he didnt wake up properly until 11am after a bit of coaxing i managed to get him dressed and into his wheelchair and we quickly escaped home even though chad was feeling so rough there is no place like home when you are feeling poorly.We got home around 1pm and he lay straight on the sofa under his fluffy blanket.I did get quite worried when his temperature went up to 38.7 but after calpol and sitting tight for an hour it went down to 37.7 really didnt want to drag him off to lister for 24 hrs unless i really had to.

Chad continued to be sick all throughout thursday evening and friday ,infact he didnt go to stay at his dads on friday eve as he felt so rough.To make him feel a little better i put him in his favourite white co. pjs and he did make me laugh when he imformed me that he felt like he should be in prison wearing the strippy pjs.On saturday afternoon the weather cheered up a bit and Chad felt a little better so we went to town with Tilly and bought his disney infinity game with the money from grandad and his friends.Chad went off to dads for the evening. Sunday Tom phoned to say he was having a bad day and was being very sick not really keeping his medicines down at 5pm i went to collect him and bought him home.Thankfully he perked up a bit this evening and actually has been quite funny the lovely picture of chad and poppy our beardie collie was taken just before he went to bed, she is constantly by his side and we call her nana i say always with him thats is until he is sick then she runs off and hides shes such a whimp.Tomorrow the district nurse is coming to take blood to make sure all is okay for chemo on tuesday. In the afternoon a journalist is coming with a photographer to do a story and photos for the national papers.Its international childrens cancer awareness month and already 150 children this month will have been diagnosed with cancer 150 heartbroken families.Our charity night in october is now sold out but you can still sign up for the half marathon and walk with team chad to help raise awareness for this awful disease. I hope my beautiful brave boy has a better week this week 1 week down 47 weeks to go!!!! sharron x

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Cakes, Muffins, and Brownies…

Whilst Chad was fast asleep this morning, Michelle and i went and sold cakes, muffins and brownies, raising £240.28 for Chads CLIC Sargent fund: www.justgiving.com/chadmartindale

So a great big THANK YOU to everyone who wished us all the best of luck in the future, who donated generously for cakes, and were generally pleased to see us with cake at 1130!!!!

Nhnance Independent Ltd
Hollywell Building Services
Labrums Solicitors
Blacks of Sopwell
Steico (UK) Ltd
Media Paper
Astralis Plc
Behan Partnership

It was lovely to meet you all, and thank you again.
Big fat thank you to Michelle King!!!!!

Love Tilly x

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Monday 9th september

I went to dad and maries at the weekend. We went to the cinema and saw Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.
On Saturday night i went to auntie Alis house and watched the X Factor whilst Mum, David, George, Tilly, Brandon, Tommy, Charlie H, Ali and Bubs had a curry. I was really tired, so we didnt stay late.
On sunday, Tilly and i had a sofa morning. Then we went to Moor Mill in the afternoon with David, Mum, Oenone, and Charlie. We played Top Trumps whilst waiting for our food.
Today ive had a lazy day-Dad and Marie have just been round, and now were going to next to get new slippers to take to hospital tomorrow. Tilly has been working hard sorting more bits for my Charity evening!
Ive got chemotherapy on Tuesday at 10am at Addenbrookes. i have to stay over for one night. We also get the results from last weeks MRI. Hopefully i will be home Wednesday night.

Here is the link for my story in The Herts Advertiser if you havent already seen it-


Love Chad x

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Busy week!!!

Hi everyone-we’ve had a very busy week this week!  Make sure you scroll right down-this is a long post!


Up at Addenbrookes for MRI (awaiting results), audiology (he hears everything!), and kidney scan (he has two and they look normal).  Blood taken for the research team from mum and dad,


Chads fisrt day back at school.  slow start…someone didnt want to get out of bed.  Up at 8am and by half past-this position was adopted…

Then up at 11am.  2pm off to school to get planner, timetable and catch up with friends.


We walked poppy, went to notcutts , went to the galleria, and then home exhausted after a few long days!  Early nights all round!


Up and out of the house early for GFR (kidney function checks).  the fog made us late!  Cannula put in easy peasy 1st attempt well done chaddy boy-so brave (mum maybe you should take a leaf out of chaddys book?)

Up to nuclear medicine-loaded with radioactive ‘stuff’.  Blood 2 hours later…then an hour after that…then an hour after that…then finally home!!!  did lots of drawings and played some games to overcome the boredom!  I was caught by the research nurse in outpatients who has asked me for my blood too.  Dont feel like im in a position to not share! Thats a job for kathryn at work tomorrow!

Chads story (wonderfully written by Debbie White) was featured in the Herts Advertiser today.  Lots of lovely comments about it already.

A busy week for Chaddy and i think this is how we all feel right now

On that note…bed time for me i think!

Nanight, Tilly x